EASE Letters

EASE Letters, Volume 1. No. 1, 2022

Could official STEM curriculum documents function as enablers of successful boundary-crossing? The Hong Kong case
Cheng, Ka Lok

German Science Teacher Education
Melina Doila; Verena Pietznera

Teacher-level factors of the implementation of STEM curriculum: Two cases from Hong Kong
Yu, Ka Chuen; Cheng, Ka Lok

Science education at Japanese university museums on sericulture and textile industries: Prospects for the future from the past to present
Tanabashi, Sayuri

Using 5E learning circle to enhance pre-service elementary school teachers’ scientific inquiry teaching practice
Liu, Jiing-Yi; Lai, Ching-San

Analysis of the level of inquiry activities in Japanese high school biology textbooks
Naoko Kosaka

Teacher Education in Myanmar and Japan: Focusing on In-service Science Education
Kyi, Wai Wai; Isozaki, Tetsuo

Innovating Asian Parliamentary Debate Using Socio-Scientific Issues to Improve Student’s Critical Thinking and Decision-Making Skills
Putri, Suci Indah; Suwarma, Irma Rahma; Riandi, Riandi; Az Zahra, Balgis

Economic Perspective of STEM Education in Japan from the 1890s to 1930s
Isozaki, Tetsuo; Isozaki, Takako